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Talent Mania is a groundbreaking new music app for iPhone, iPad, Android and Facebook. Talent Mania combines sing-along karaoke with familiar tapping out of instruments – and goes further than other games by letting users record their favorite tracks and share them with friends and other players, and thus becoming a talent competition for the digital age.

After downloading the free app to their device, users can pick among hit songs by artists such as Keith Urban, Miley Cyrus, Blondie, KT Tunstall, Lifehouse and Lynyrd Skynyrd. Players can then record multiple tracks, by singing along with the world's top artists or replacing the original vocal track with their own and by tapping out the piano part. As users earn points for their efforts, they can unlock additional instruments such as bass and drums.

Players can save performances, which are awarded points for accuracy, in their "Studio" and try to beat their own personal best by recording the same song over.

What is more, Talent Mania enables players to share their recordings, compare scores and vote on favorite performances via their mobile device or Facebook, making it a multi-platform talent competition.

Talent Mania is set to capture the imagination of music enthusiasts and casual gamers alike. The game delivers a rich user experience with multifaceted game play, attractive graphics and great sound - whether you quietly tap out notes on your commute or sing along loudly with friends in your living room. It is also likely to hold players' continued interest, with a rapidly growing music library, the continued rollout of artist-branded versions and ever-expanding special features such as a customizable Studio and Crib on Facebook.

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